The Transportation Division provides public transportation for the citizens of Modesto. Our Modesto Area Express (MAX) system carries over 3.6 million customers per year and has over 800 stops in and around Modesto. The Modesto ACE Express offers 3 non-stop trips morning and evening to the Lathrop/Manteca ACE train station. The Modesto BART Express offers two trips morning and evening to the Pleasanton/Dublin BART station. We also have stops that run to the AMTRAK station on Parker Road. In addition to Modesto Area Express (MAX), the City of Modesto provides a specialized transportation service for persons with disabilities, and people age 65 and older. This service is provided seven days a week, every day of the year. Report an issue online.
  1. WiFi Now Available on Modesto Area Express Buses

    The MAX Commuter Buses that service the BART and ACE train stations are now equipped with WiFi. Passengers are now free to surf the internet, check email, and work as you commute to the Bay Area on the MAX Commuter Express buses. Read on...
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