Water Rate Assistance Program

Customers qualifying for the Water Rate Assistance Program will have their base service charge for water reduced by $15.00 each monthly billing cycle. Customers may apply and participate in either the Water Rate Assistance Program or the Senior/Disabled Low Income Assistance Program, but not both.  

Applicants must reapply for the program every two years. Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing once the application has been submitted and approved. Applications may be submitted by mail. An appointment is required before submitting the application directly to Central Valley Opportunity Center. For further information, please contact Central Valley Opportunity Center at 209-577-3210.

Eligibility Guidelines For Water Rate Assistance Program

Persons in Household Monthly Income Annual Income
1 $2,833 $34,000
2 $3,238 $38,850
3 $3,648 $43,770
4 $4,046 $48,550
5 $4,371 $52,450
6 $4,696 $56,350
7 $5,021 $60,250
8 $5,342 $64,100

To apply, please complete the Application Form (PDF) and return to:

  1. Central Valley Opportunity Center

    Physical Address
    1801 H Street
    Suite A 4-6
    Modesto, CA 95354

    Phone: 209-577-3210