Public Works - Pavement Conditions

Performance Measure

Improve Pavement Condition Index (PCI) for Arterial Streets, Collectors and Local streets.



Analysis of Performance*

Public Works Streets Division methods for improving PCI ratings are Pavement Overlays, Spot Patching and Crack Sealing Collector Streets.

Metric Definition*

Pavement Condition Index (PCI) is a rating of the general condition of pavements based on a scale of 0 to 100. A PCI of 100 represents a newly constructed road with no distresses; a PCI below 10 corresponds to a failed road requiring complete reconstruction; a PCI of 41 or better equates to “fair or better”.


The level of maintenance the City can perform is dictated by the Capital Projects Funding and the number of person hours, measured in full time equivalent (FTE) positions. The amount of storm water infiltration into the sanitary sewer system provides a picture of the state of repair of the sewer system.  Citizen satisfaction with streets helps determine if the City is meeting the community’s infrastructure needs.

Impact on Performance*

The pavement condition index (PCI) and the number of water main breaks and sewer obstructions demonstrate if the City is successfully maintaining infrastructure at required levels of service.


  • Analysis of Performance: Explains how data results are  displayed, anomalies, or other points that went into generating the numbers.
  • Metric Definition: Identifies what constitutes the metric and identifies combined classifications
  • Importance: Tells why the metric is important and how it is useful, or, what will it help the City accomplish or understand by knowing
  • Impact on Performance: States how this measure is an indicator of or influencer on the delivery of service?