Things To Do

  1. Attractions

    Browse a detailed list of attractions in the City of Modesto.

  2. Bike Trails

    A variety of Class I, II, III and IV bikeways are located throughout the city.

  3. Holiday Happenings

    Holiday festivities in Modesto.

  4. Local Restaurants

    Modesto offers more than 200 restaurants, cafes, coffee houses and other eating establishments. Many restaurants, along with Modesto's night clubs, pubs and lounges offer a variety of evening entertainment opportunities.

  5. Parks & Recreation

    Learn what parks are in your neighborhood area.

  6. Shopping

    Check out the shopping scene in the City of Modesto.

  7. McHenry Mansion

    The McHenry Mansion is Modesto's Treasure. It is the city's only original Victorian home and one of the few remaining reminders of the town's rich heritage. Its restoration has proved to be the community's most visible, extended renovation project. Thousands of local citizens have participated and contributed to the restoration.

  8. McHenry Museum

    The McHenry Museum (the building) has a history going back to 1912. Visitor tours are self guided. Docents are stationed at various locations in the museum and can provide valuable information and directions to insure that each visitor has a quality visit to the museum.

  9. Modesto Centre Plaza

    Get more information about what's happening in the Modesto Centre Plaza.

  10. Modesto Parks

    Learn more about the parks in Modesto.

  11. Senior Center Activities

    Calendars of Events and menus for the month.

  12. Summer Traditions

    Modesto celebrates its heritage in many ways this summer with car shows, parades, community events and concerts.